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    "Real eye-opener. Makes a lot of sense as to why people do what they do or say. I truly feel every teacher should be exposed to this, as well as every parent!" Dave Waikem - Waikem Auto Family
    Dave Waikem - Waikem Auto Family
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    "What a dynamic session!! It is ever so important in today's world to better understand each other. Being able to work together makes life both professionally and personally much easier."
    Theresa Kennedy
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    "WOW! Thank you Interactive Concepts for a very informative and enjoyable day. Everything I learned today, both about myself and others' personalities will help me both personally and professionally. Everyone could benefit from all the Great info. Thank you!"
    Bev Briggs, R.J Matthews Co.
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    "The biggest benefit for me was to hear the practical side of HOW this works. Using this in the workplace will add to the way I'm speaking to employees in terms that they can understand and respond effectively."
    Vince Watts, Stark Co. Urban League
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Employee Reviews

"I thought the session was great! I talked to my husband about it all weekend. It really opened my eyes to see how to adapt to other personality types to be productive. I think it will help me with my family as well. I think I will be able to understand my children's personalities as they are not like me."               

Employee #1
"I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I've never attended a seminar of this type. It helped me see what type of personality I am and it also helped me see the different personalities of the staff members."
Employee #2
"Honestly? I think it was the best and most useful seminar I've ever attended. Fascinating stuff!"
Employee #3
"I enjoyed the training. It helped in letting us know how the different personalities think and react. The afternoon session was good listening to the other's reactions. The seminar gave us ideas on how to approach situations. I hope to use this in life!"
Employee #4
"Interesting and informative session. DISC provided opportunity to learn more about my traits but recognize that no one is purely a D-I-S or C, but they are a blend."
Employee #5

"I found the day very interesting. It was a lot of fun learning about other people and about myself. The role playing with the different scenarios from other viewpoints was especially interesting."
Employee #6
"The session was beneficial in that it allowed staff to interact in guided conversations while exploring the differences in personalities. Mr. Miller provided anecdotes that were relatable, fun and educational. In all, the training demonstrated how different personality types interact and react in certain situations that can be applied both professionally and personally."
Employee #7
"I enjoyed the interaction with the team while discovering one another's personality types in a very non-threatening environment. This process was helpful in allowing me to consider ways of delivering information (positive or negative) to team members, friends, and families in a more effective way."
Employee #8
"This workshop was well worth our time! It was a great way to discover our own styles of relating to people, and more importantly, an understanding of other's styles. I think this session has given staff members a lot to think about and will be helpful personally and professionally for everyone. I am particularly happy that members of our team who may not appear to be as introspective as others were given this great opportunity to have their "eyes-opened" in a safe, non-threatening way."
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