Team Building

Your job. Less stress. You in?

You may have the edge, but do you have
what it takes to help your team stay sharp?

Every day, each person emotionally packs exactly what they'll need when heading off to work...

  • 3 dominant characteristics.
  • 1-2 supporting characteristics.
  • 1-3 motivators.
  • 1-3 fears.
  • 1-2 defense mechanisms (for when they feel threatened)
  • 1 or 2 voice tones (either of which may be misinterpreted)
  • 1 or 2 fuses (length depends on characteristic needed at a given time) 
  • A preference or two (for decision making puposes)
  • A reaction or response time stopwatch (for nearly everything they'll be encountering today)
  • A heart for people (or not)
  • A personal protocol that supports their daily agenda.
  • 1 set of standards (some may pack a 2nd one in case they see the need for double standards)
  • 1 set of "personally-calibrated" scales (for judgment purposes)
  • 2 sets of expectations (1 for them, 1 for you)
  • 1 grab bag of assumptions (size of the bag will vary based on personal characteristics, some people will pack 0)
  • A mixed bag of emotions based on what took place at home from the last time they left work.
  • A tailored attitude (with back-ups)
  • Their personally prescripted colored lenses (so that the hue of everything they do, see and hear fits them naturally throughout their day)
Why is it that we naturally resonate with some people and naturally clash with others?
We can't always choose our coworkers which is why it is so very important  
to be able to communicate effectively to each communication style.

From the video, if you COULD choose, which would be the best fit for you to work with?

Do you see how head butting can occur?

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