Student Programs

"We wouldn't change our kids for the world, but providing them with the language of understanding themselves and others is the one component that will change the world for our kids."
Douglas Miller -Interactive Concepts

Hey kids! You've really got style!


Thank you for taking a few moments to see the value our programs bring to your students!

Our purpose 
Our purpose is to create relational continuity between teachers, students and parents in order to greatly reduce       communication gaps; stressful situations; defiance issues; bullying; common misunderstandings and other disturbances that have the unwanted potential to become detrimental to our community. We will work in conjunction with the school systems to foster collaboration, creating willing participation and positive energy within the classrooms and equip our young people to carry these time-tested humanitarian principles into their future personal lives and careers.

Our mission is to collaborate with local businesses and community leaders to bring “highly-impressionable” school    assembly programs which will create the STUDENTS’ awareness, understanding and respect of all 4 unique personality styles. This is where they will learn about themselves, along with their peers in a safe, fun-filled, interactive training  session. Specific needs and follow-up programs are available for students  and/or classrooms with elevated challenges.
Live theatre-style performances in the school’s auditorium will provide PARENTS with the same personality languages that their children receive so that they, and their child have the common dynamics necessary for effectively relating and communicating with each other at home!

Full-day "submersion" workshops in-service workshops to be held in-house or at the Pro Football Hall of Fame for EDUCATORS in order to  provide further knowledge and insights into reading and developing the styles of each and every student. 

Our footprint in the community spans beyond bringing understanding to school systems only, in fact, we originally brought this method of relational intelligence to several Stark county area businesses by way of training workshops as our primary focus back in 2007. The business workshop and development platform is the very infrastructure for our school programs today that is bringing out the best in our next generation for a more promising tomorrow!

Our goal is NOT to change people, our goal is to help every person truly understand how they are wired and why their    personality style “blends” make them uniquely special. We will help them appreciate, embrace and apply their natural strengths and talents so they can grow into all they were created to be, allowing them to love and live life to the fullest! 

We take responsibility to help each individual become all that they ARE, regardless of age, position or title.

Why do schools want to partner with Interactive Concepts?

1. They're excited that our programs are provided to the schools FREE of charge.
2. They're excited about the simplicity and revenue generation of our fundraising program.
3. They seem to like that we are the ones fostering high levels of community involvement.
4. They appreciate that we incentivize large corporations for their support.
5. They like the fact that we are looking to offer scholarship programs.
6. They love that we provide positive interaction programs for students in a safe, fun way.
7. They see extreme value in providing training for teachers, students and parents.
8. They love the entertainment-style learning experience for greater retention.
9. They realize it's vital for parents to have access to our follow through reference materials.
10. They love that we offer on-going support and coaching.
11. They realize and appreciate that no person is ever left out. Our message and delivery                                                           reaches across all lines of individuality.
12. They love that the Interactive Concepts school programs are proprietary because we provide an unparalleled method of relatability that helps their school reach levels of communication and understanding that others school systems strive for.